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Here are some of our favorites along with a short bio.

Hi! I’m Lauren and I am the creator and owner of Single Barrel Soaps.  I design and make handcrafted artisan soap, bath and body products that are inspired by my life and places I’ve lived. ⁣ 
⁣My goal with Single Barrel Soaps is to give people a little piece of self care that they can have every day, for the five minutes a day they get to themselves, just for them.  As a mom of three I know how much those 5 minutes can mean for your sanity!! ⁣  
All of our products are custom made and designed by me so you can be sure of quality and consistent products. 

It all started back in November 2010, when a young college girl lost her job at a notorious bar called the Thirsty Turtle in College Park, MD.  She saw it as her call-to-action to start a clothing company, putting to use her passion for design and expressing her creativity. Together with some friends she created the "Turtle Survivor" jersey.  Within a week of advertising the jersey to peers through free social media outlets (primarily her own Facebook page), there were over 600 pre-order sales in just a matter of days.  WHERE WE ARE NOW Route One Apparel has seen many successes and has experienced a lot of growth since its very recent beginning. In just under 5 years we have launched nearly 700 products, with a goal of releasing at least  15 new designs a month.  We have a street team that works cross-state at many sales and promotional events. Our products are consigned and wholesaled in countless locations across the state.  Additionally, we have collaborated and worked with many local icons. 

Dublin Roasters is not your typical coffeehouse – simply put, we are fueled by love and positivity. From the beginning, we envisioned Dublin Roasters as more than just a place to get coffee. We have created a comfortable, inviting atmosphere and we strive to always be an integral part of this great community, in a number of amazing ways. 
Dublin Roasters owner and founder, Serina Roy, has been roasting coffee for over 20 years and is truly dedicated to the art of coffee roasting. In her own words: “The taste and freshness of this coffee is second to none. I roast my coffee in small batches, and custom to each order. This process ensures quality and customer satisfaction. And, that really is the mission of this company.” 

We are Zoë’s Chocolate Company, three siblings and a dad – Pantelis, Zoë and Petros Tsoukatos and dad, George. In 2007 we opened a small artisan chocolate shop in Waynesboro, PA. We are proud of what we have accomplished. Here is our story. 
We three grew up in the chocolate business. Two generations before us, our great aunt & uncle came to the United States from Greece, with a dream to follow their passion for chocolate. They started a confectionery business selling from a small pushcart in Baltimore. Thus began our family business and the rest, as they say, is history. 
The idea began to grow for a chocolate business of our own, a place for our dad and his kids to come together and to bring modern concepts to our time-honored tradition. Our lifelong passion for chocolate was something we were witnessing everywhere around us. We had a mission to help dad and build a family business of our own. In 2007, we opened Zoe’s Chocolate Co. George was thrilled with the idea of working with his children. The company was called “Zoe” because the name means “giving life.” 

McAllen's toffee is made in small batches with nothing but only the best ingredients: Roasted California almonds - Pure cane Domino Sugar - Butter from real cows - Semi-sweet dark chocolate. Our special recipe makes each bite easy on your teeth and a pleasure for your taste buds. It all started with an index card many years ago. 
 The recipe has been perfected to what many people consider to be the best chocolate almond toffee ever.  
We hope you will agree. Best of all... its GLUTEN FREE! 

The original vanilla caramel started it all and is derived from Jane Drake Cummings’ four generation old family recipe. Jane, the owner's stepmom, first shared her family secret with BG when she was in middle school. GAME OVER - she was hooked. 
In 2006, when Jane became ill with Lymphoma for a second time,  BG decided to take the plunge and founded Mouth Party Caramel on the commitment to help advance cancer research and cancer support services by donating a portion of their company net profits. 
In the fifteen years since its inception, MP Caramel has won the hearts and stomachs of many! They have survived two total loss floods, expanded their caramel product line, relocated to a 8,000sf kitchen facility, and grown their crew of incredible caramelistas. They continue to use 5 simple ingredients to transform their family recipe into caramel magic. What are you waiting for? get some. 

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